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Because the movie choices this summer are looking pretty bleak, my roommate and I decided to stay in and rent a $4 movie on iTunes. Not. Worth It.
In Just Go with It, a creepy plastic surgeon, played by Adam Sandler, creeps on girls half his age who naturally fall for his charms because he wears a prop wedding ring. But, when a girl he finally likes finds the wedding ring, he tells her that he’s getting divorced. Cue his assistant, played by Jennifer Aniston, to act as his fake ex-wife. The charade takes them all the way to Hawaii and things just get complicated-er and complicated-er.
Top 4 reasons Just Go with It makes no sense:
1. Adam Sandler gets hot women (by wearing a wedding ring no less). First of all, Adam Sandler hasn’t been funny since The Chanukah Song. I know that’s an unpopular opinion but I’m sticking to it. (Oh, except The Wedding Singer. That’s the best movie ever.) Secondly, Adam Sandler is 44 years old. Why is he in movies in which he dates a 23-year-old who’s crying that ‘NSync broke up. I know that’s part of the joke and his (limited) “emotional journey” as a character, but it really just comes across as creepy.

Also, who are these women that go to bars and pick up married men within five seconds of meeting them?? Ugh.
2. Good actors do idiotic things. Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman gets in a hula contest with Jennifer Aniston. What. Also the typically amusing Nick Swardson, Rachel Dratch, and Kevin Nealon are limited to doing un-funny things. Although I must admit that I laughed a couple of times. The children who pretend to be Sandler’s kids in the movie definitely have a few funny moments. They possible outshine the adults, which is a little sad.
3. The lack of chemistry. I’m not going to reveal the end of the film, but there are implications from the beginning that Sandler and Aniston are supposed to be together. But that’s pretty much only because we all know how romantic comedies work out. We know the formula and it’s pretty clear Just Go with It isn’t going to be revolutionary. The problem is, Sandler and Aniston don’t really have that necessary chemistry to push the plot along. We’re not dying for them to end up together because sparks are most certainly not flying.
4. The undeveloped back stories. There are a lot of interesting implications about the two main characters. Sandler’s Danny obviously has a tragic past in which an ex-fiance cheated on him resulting in his chauvinistic behavior. Aniston’s Katherine has this horrible ex-husband who disappeared out of her life leaving her family, particularly her children, broken. But instead of making these essential parts of their characters, the dialogue just casually mentions them when there’s a lag and need for drama.
Honestly, this was a good movie for the end of the workweek. It’s really easy to shut your brain off and just let the movie happen. That being said, it’s obviously not a great film, but hey, if you like rom coms and Adam Sandler you might enjoy it.

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