6 Movies That Made Me Want to go to Camp

Every summer, until I was 14, I would beg my parents to send me to sleepaway camp. I would promise I wouldn’t call home and told them I could handle being in the woods for a couple of weeks. And every summer I got the same answer, no. So I did what any other pre-teen would do, hung out at the mall, hit up the beach, and watched movies that made me feel like I was at summer camp.
Now before I go on, I should tell you I finally got my experience at sleepaway camp, I worked as a Unit Leader for an entire summer at a girl scout camp in Virgina. And can I just say, what a rip off! Besides having the exact cabins as Parent Trap (we almost put one of the counselors furniture on the roof just because) it was NOTHING like the movies. So if you missed out, don’t worry…you didn’t miss much.
Still, every time I see camp rock (my sister’s 12, she watches it..I just happen to be in the same room), or any other crazy camp movie I can’t help but wish I was 10 again so I could have my very own camp adventure. ┬áSo, since it’s almost that time of year again, here are 6 movies that made me want to go to camp:

Moments When Every Woman Will Cry In the Fitting Room
Moments When Every Woman Will Cry In the Fitting Room
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