Moments When Every Woman Will Cry In the Fitting Room

Our friends at The Frisky wrote this article about tears in the dressing room. Some were tears of happiness, some of sadness and some were just down right random. And while I’ve never had a breakdown about a pseudo celebrity death (really, you should read it), this article resonated with me.
What is about dressing rooms?
I remember once in high school I spent a long day shopping with my mom. With no real agenda, we wandered from store to store just to pass time on an uneventful sunny Saturday afternoon. I spotted this killer mini dress from bcbg that had a long line of buttons up the back. I slid into the dressing room and tried it on.
Sometime in between taking the dress off the hanger and sliding it on, it happened. The waterworks started flowing. Likely a combination of the impossible to unbutton row of mini buttons, a pushy sales associate, and needing to go up a size, but it was that exact moment that the stress of college applications, a varsity sports team and just generally being a teenage girl decided to hit me. Lovely.
Here are six other situations that might leave even the strongest of us a little teary eyed:
1. You Gained the Freshman 5, 15, or 50:  No matter your size, extra weight gain from college ranks pretty high up there among the list of most upsetting things.
2. You Lost the Freshman 5, 15, or 50: And you’ve never looked hotter in that skintight dress. Tears. Of. Joy.
3. There just seem to not be any swimsuits in the world that work for you: My best friend always complains she can’t find swimsuits that fit her because she’s an XL on top and XS on the bottom (poor thing, right?). But swimsuits seem to be downright impossible. Who would have thought it’d be so hard to make such a tiny piece of fabric fit well.
4. You Gave Up Hope on Finding a Prom Dress: Ah yes, the wonders of being a high schooler, see above.  We spent days, weeks ( even months?) trying to find that perfect outfit to wear to Prom. You know, to impress the guy we convince ourselves we’re in love with, who we’ll stop talking to 1 month into college.
5. Hunger pains: You’ve officially put off going to the food court for far too long. Your stomach is empty and you haven’t even so much as sniffed an Annie’s pretzel all day.
6. General Mishaps: You inadvertently flash a hot guy. You break a zipper. Rip an expensive dress. Something embarrassing happens and it’s just the last thing you want to deal with.
What else will make any woman breakdown in a dressing room?

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