Another Ridiculous Case of Victim Blaming

So many different reactions have emerged from the heart wrenching Lauren Spierer case. Here at CollegeCandy, we realized how important it is to review a few basic safety tips in light of the situation. The response to the tragic story has been primarily positive, from citizens volunteering to partake in long public searches to media coverage in an attempt to round up clues. And then I read this.
I was pretty annoyed that Huffington Post took this moment to discuss the “party culture” at IU. Lauren is still missing and the article dubs underage drinking as a common problem in the town, as if it isn’t anywhere else, and then proceeded to list where the university falls on a list of party schools. Because that’s totally relevant…
Yes, Lauren was drinking underage and potentially using a fake ID, but this is simply not the time to start blaming the victim or town for what happened. The risks of drinking, 21 or not, are always severe, but her choice to consume alcohol certainly did not warrant what happened to her.
This article reminded me of the tendency of some schools to blame Greek Life whenever an accident, serious or minor, occurs on campus. It’s so easy to point a finger at a larger institution when something goes wrong rather than working together to improve safety on campus or improving programming to address issues like safe alcohol consumption (because clearly alcohol EDU isn’t cutting it). Whether drinking results in a sprained knee and a bruised ego, a death, or disappearance, it’s crucial to come together to reiterate safety tips. Not to blame fraternities or alleged party schools for tragedies like this one. Like it or not, drinking is a major component of college and this won’t be changing anytime soon.
I thought this article was in poor taste. Do you think it should have been written so soon?

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