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Celebrity Mistakes: The 5 Step Fan Recovery Process


Isn’t it just the worst when one of your favorite stars decides to stop being amazingly perfect in every way and does something rude, out-of-character, or just plain stupid? Whether it’s a nude photo scandal, a controversial tweet/statement, a law suit, or even a violent drunken tirade against the paparazzi, even the thought-to-be-perfect celebrities we all know and love tend to majorly mess up at least once during their career.

So what are we, the adoring fans, supposed to do when our favorite stars decide to crush all our hopes and dreams? It’s a simple 5-step process that will have you either forgiving or forgetting your celeb BFF quicker than you can say “Tracy Morgan” (see what I did there?).

1. Remember, celebs are people, just like us- NOT gods. I know it’s hard to believe that someone with Kim Kardashian‘s body, Prince Harry‘s royal lineage (and ridiculously hot accent), or Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s “cutesey kid movie” resume could ever be anything besides immortal gods that we love to put on pedestals and worship. Unfortunately, they’re not. They’re normal people who pulled the right side of the wishbone. Instead of treating a celebrity scandal like it’s a sign of the¬†Apocalypse, treat it like an old friend who got caught cheating on a test or something. You’ll get over it much easier, I promise.

2. Remind yourself of why you love your celeb so much. I don’t know about you, but I still tend to get a bit choked up when I re-watch Lindsay Lohan’s ‘The Parent Trap.” It’s normal and it’s okay to creepily dwell in the past when it comes to stars. I mean, their job is to make movies, albums and go to photoshoots, right? So if you’re having a hard time forgiving a celeb, re-familiarize yourself with the material they did before getting busted. Oh, but make sure to have a box of tissues close-by just in case the water works start up.

3. Go on, tell them how you feel. Celebrities are always trying to stay relevant, so there’s always a million different ways to contact them. Sure, they may never actually read their fan mail or their Twitter replies, but if you want a place to go on an angry rant against your favorite star, the outlets are there. Just be careful- stars like Rihanna, Demi Lovato, and Courtney Love tend to tweet back at the haters pretty often.

4. You do know there are literally thousands of celebrities, right? If you can’t forgive some random person you’ve never met before, chances are there’s a star somewhere in the world that’s almost a carbon copy of your ex-celeb-BFF. Love the “Oops, I Did it Again” Britney, but hate the bald lip-syncing one? Ditch Spears and check out Kylie Minogue or Robyn. Missing the days when Chris Brown used to be the cute guy with an amazing voice, but can’t get over how he hurt Rihanna? Forget about Chris and check out J. Holiday or Robin Thicke.

5. You should probably just quit celebrity gossip. Seriously, if you can’t get over some scandal or find some other star to obsess over, the world of celebrity gossip probably isn’t a healthy realm for you. I suggest canceling your subscription to Us Weekly, removing TMZ from your DVR, and blocking on your internet browser. You’ll thank me later.

What do you do when your favorite stars get caught up in some blown-out-of-proportion scandal? Are you one to forgive and forget or do you quit the star cold turkey? Let us know!

I like conspiracies, the internet, and mashed potatoes.