The Weekly Ten: TV Shows That Peaked Too Soon

I think it’s pretty clear by now that here at CollegeCandy we take our tv watching pretty seriously. We either love it, or hate it. (Or love to hate it.) We know what we like and what we don’t and we’re not afraid to say it. And when we’re invested in a show, we’re invested in a show. Like “oh-m-gee can you believe they finally kissed!?” invested.  So that’s probably why when our favorite tv shows take a turn for the worst it hits us so hard.
You know what I mean, right? When a show that you love to watch, wait for every week, suddenly somehow takes a turn towards crazy town with boring scenes, bad plot lines and characters with personality disorders? Sigh. It’s a sad fate, but it’s happened to the best of them.
10. The Jersey Shore. It’s only number ten because this show is far more entertaining than it has any right to be. It’s a train wreck, but it’s one that you just can’t look away from. But the things that make this show so enticing- namely the nights out at the clubs and the drunken brawls- have apparently been banned from season four to ensure that Italy appear in a positive light. So yeah, something tells me this show is on its way out.
9. American Idol. Season 10 was better than season 9. I’ll give them that. But really this show should have closed its doors the day Taylor Hicks was voted this country’s American Idol. Plus, Steven Tyler is fun and all, but without Simon there’s not a single judge that gives anything even close to an honest critique.
8. Gilmore Girls. I loved this show more than I’ve ever loved any other television show, but even I have to admit that its later seasons just didn’t measure up. Rory was transformed from a sweet but lovable bookworm to a college dropout and Lorelei married Christoper instead of Luke. We were supposed to buy that?
7. Veronica Mars. The first two seasons of this show were awesome. Heartfelt and meaningful with storylines that kept viewers engaged. But Veronica Mars too fell victim to the college curse that gets just about every teen drama. Why can’t those crazy kids just say in high school?
6. Entourage. This show was fun when Vince and his boys were a group of out-of-place New Yorkers taking on the west coast. But this latest twist, with Vince headed for rehab, is sure to give this once lighthearted show an unwanted bout of angst.
5. Grey’s Anatomy. This season turned the show around, but the less than stellar season finale has me reconsidering my reevaluation of Grey’s Anatomy. I miss the days when Meredith, Alex, Izzie, Cristina and George would hang out in the basement and make quippy comments at one another. That was good tv.
4. The OC. Marissa Cooper’s short-lived experience with lesbianism? Ryan’s many disappearing girlfriends? Marissa’s constant obsession with the new guy in town? Sigh. This show went down hill after season one.
3. Glee. I was holding out hope that they would turn it around but the less than stellar season finale has me questioning my love for this fan favorite. We should all just stop expecting consistent, realistic plot in between the singing, right?
2. Gossip Girl. Talking about what this show used to be seriously hurts my heart. Remember the fabulous season one fashion? The days when Nate actually used to do more than make out with girls? The days when Blair and Serena were actually friends and Chuck actually had some redeemable qualities? Yeah. I miss season one too.
1. One Tree Hill. Seriously? How is it possible that this show is still on the air. Kidnappings. Murders. Assaults. Movies. Miraculous baby deliveries and recoveries. More than one psycho stalker story line. And this is the show that the CW renews? Obviously.

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