Pants or No Pants? An Easy Guide For You

It’s a fairly common occurrence for celebs to forget their pants. From Gaga to Britney, we’ve seen it happen so many times that it hardly surprises us anymore. They have so many places to be, it must be tough remembering to cover their lower halves all the time.
But sometimes we have to wonder, why would you think it’s okay to show up to certain events sans pants? I know it’s hot, but I wore pants today, and so can you.
So when is it appropriate to forget your pants, and when is it completely out of the question?
No pants necessary:
At the pool. Goes without saying.
In your room. Save the AC, drop the drawers.
Music festivals. If you find someone wearing pants at one of these sweat-fests, they’re most likely unconscious from heat exhaustion. Check their pulse.
Pants, please:
At work. You may soon be unemployed if you think otherwise. Just saying.
At a restaurant. There will be crowds of people trying to eat. Do them a favor and don’t distract them with your pantsless ensemble.
Red carpet events. Guaranteed to be thoroughly documented, so wear the pants please.
With that said, do we think this celeb was breaking the rules with her decision to leave the pants at home?

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