Baggin' Out: Marc by Marc Jacobs Little Ukita

Every girl needs a good purse (or 12). Whether you’re going for groceries or running from class to class, they are simply essential for holding all your, uh, essentials. Each week, I’m going to show you a fashionable, yet functional purse for the college crowd and let you know why you absolutely need it! I apologize ahead of time to your bank account.
Last time I did a purse inventory (it has to be done when you’ve got a collection like mine), I realized something: all of my purses are super-sized. You won’t find any mini’s hanging around in my closet! I’m 5’8, so I can rock larger purses and since I’m a student, I’m always looking for purses that fit at least a textbook and a notebook. However, this can be a problem when I’m looking for a lighter purse for a day of shopping or a night of margaritas at the local club. Can you imagine lugging a giant leather hobo to the bar? Don’t try it – speaking from experience here. So, when I saw Marc Jacobs Little Ukita, I knew it had to be mine.
The Little Ukita is a perfectly-sized purse. It measures 13 L x 10 H x 3.5 D and has both a short and long strap, making it super functional. You can even wear it cross-body! The leather is super buttery and the chic, graphic lining makes for a nice contrast. Every season, MBMJ keeps this classic shape in their rotation, but spices it up by releasing it in a whole new range of shades.

There is one back zipper pocket and even though I’m a fan of the full zipper, the magnetic flap closure is starting to grow on me. It makes it much easier to quickly grab something, especially when the purse is resting on your shoulder as opposed to cross-body style.

I decided to test it out and stuffed the Little Ukita full for a day-trip. I fit in my checkbook wallet, makeup bag, hand cream, a few lip glosses and my cellphone with no problems! The classic structure of the bag holds up like a pro, no matter which way you cram it, so you always look chic and put together.
And if you need anymore convincing that this baby is worth the splurge, check out one of our fave reality TV gals, Lauren Conrad, toting around the Little Ukita in a rich, chocolatey brown. Gorgeous!

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Little Ukita is available from an array of department stores and etailers, including Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and the Marc Jacobs website.

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