Hot or Hot Mess: Nicole Scherzinger Does Thigh-High Boots at the Capital FM Summer Ball

[Like it or not, we all judge people every day. Especially when it comes to their fashion choices. From the girl with the too-short skirt for class to the old guy who insists on wearing short shorts and doing butterfly stretches at the gym (yeah, try to get that visual out of your head), it’s impossible not to form an opinion. And now we’re gonna share those opinions with the world. Every week, I’ll be highlighting a celebrity look that I may love/hate/not understand and see what you, my college fashionistas, think about it. So put on your Joan Rivers fashion cap (which is undoubtedly made out of all the skin she’s had nipped and tucked over the years) and let it all out.]
Thigh high boots can be tricky. Let’s face it, as much as we all love Pretty Woman, we don’t watch it for Vivienne’s sartorial choices (or at least I don’t). However, it seems that she was Nicole Scherzinger style inspiration for her outfit at the Capital FM Summer Ball. The strange thing with this outfit, whether it’s the black, the leather or the kinky-theme throughout, is that it weirdly…works. She isn’t trying to make the boots look non-trashy by pairing it with something demure or girly, she has kept the outfit consistent from head to toe. And let’s be honest, if anyone can pull this off, it’s Nicole. She’s been the figure-head of trashy-chic (yes, I just made that up) for years now and she does it well.
So, what do you make of her ensemble? Would you let her shop in your Rodeo Drive boutique, or would you hand her back to Richard Gere?

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Welcome to the Real World: Navigating the Awkward Moments
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