Summer In The City: Brunch is not a Contest Between You and Your Liver

[This summer a dream internship with Lucky magazine moved me from Austin, Texas, where I’ve spent all 21 years of my life, to New York City for the summer. Come along for the ride and follow me through this column as I take on all that the city has in store for me. I’ll share tips I’ve picked up along the way about everything from how to pack (stop, drop and roll people!) to dating to fitting in (or standing out) and so much more.]
When a friend came to visit me in the city this past weekend, I really wanted to show her a good time while also doing some quintessential New York things. The weekend was a whirlwind to say the least but I definitely learned a lot.
Tip #9 – Take advantage of student rush discount pricing for tickets.
As former show choir nerds my friend and I knew we wanted to see a musical while she was in town but when it came to buying tickets we were both completely confused on how to nab the cheapest tickets. Luckily, one of my roommates, who’s currently interning for a musical theatre company, had no problem shining a spotlight on discounted tickets. Instead of waiting in line at TKTS in Times Square, like my friend and I had planned, my roommate told us to use to see if the show we wanted to see had a student rush deal. Sure enough, Catch Me If You Can was running a $27 student rush sale and all we had to do was get to the box office when it opened to buy our tickets for a show that night. Even if the website doesn’t disclose it, be sure to bring cash to pay for your ticket as many box offices only accept cash for student rush tickets. The seat location wasn’t exactly prime but we had no obstructing views from our balcony seats. We walked out of the theater thoroughly satisfied with the show and the price.
Tip #10 – Brunch is not a contest between you and your liver.
Another thing my friend and I wanted to cross of the list of quintessential New York things was brunch. We did a little research on and found a restaurant that serves an amazing brunch special. For $18, brunch included unlimited drinks and one menu item. Tons of places in New York do brunch specials for around the same price so we picked one fairly close to my place and invited some friends to come along. The food was amazing and the drinks were unlimited, so naturally we couldn’t have been more pleased with ourselves or our restaurant choice. So without getting into details, here’s a tip that I’m you’re thinking should’ve been more obvious to me – just because the drinks are unlimited doesn’t mean you shouldn’t limit yourself. There’s nothing more shameful than having to explain to someone, “Yeah I stumbled in drunk at three yesterday,” and after they ask, “In the morning?” you’ll have to respond with, “No, in the afternoon.” My friend’s flight was Sunday afternoon so it can go without saying that packing her stuff last minute while under the influence didn’t go too well. Though I’ve sworn off brunch for a while, I’ve also learned a very valuable lesson, brunch is a semi-classy affair, not a challenge to see how many mimosas it takes before you’re drunk and lost in Central Park.
(Tip #10 and half – Blue Gatorade works wonders for preventing a day drunk hangover.)
Tip #11 – Drop the Texas card (or whatever state you’re originally from/would like to be from).
One thing that really helped us this past week was something I never thought would work – “The Texas Card.” From what I’ve observed, it seems to be the new “It’s her birthday” and has somewhat of the same effects. Over the weekend, my friends and I pretty much told everyone, from our waiters to street vendors to local boutique owners and especially bartenders, that we were from Texas. In some cases, disclosing our home state scored us free stuff like shots and appetizers and in other cases, it gave us something way more valuable – insider information. Nightlife scenes in big cities can be hard to figure out as a newcomer so tell people you’re new to town and ask them their favorite places or things to do. Even if you don’t end up going to those places, you’ll be able to widdle down the nightlife scene to stuff you will like.
We definitely didn’t start telling people we were from Texas to score free stuff, but when it seemed that our great state was scoring us discounts and freebies we were more than appreciative. We gladly Texas-sized the tip for anybody who was a fan of the Lone Star State. Just don’t expect free stuff for saying you’re from out of town and instead do a little investigating to find a new dive bar that could potentially be your new favorite Friday-night-spot.

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