Econ 101: The Dating Game


Here’s a lesson they probably won’t teach you in college: The Economics of Dating.

What’s the fundamental lesson they teach you in Econ? Why, supply and demand of course. More of a product, means less of a demand, while less of that exact same product causes people to want it like whoa. Now apply that to dating. It’s pure genius: limit your supply, and the guys will be sure to demand. These guys seem to think this is the perfect formula for them in achieving absolute success in the dating world. But hello, not to be obvious but I think Beyoncé said it best: Who runs the world? GIRLS!

So ladies, this is for you, your Intro to Supply & Demand.

Lesson 1: Sex

For the new guy in your life, here’s a way to keep things exciting. When it comes to sex, play hard to get (not too hard though. Guys like a chase, but they don’t want to feel like it’s never going to happen between the two of you.) When you finally do give up the goods, switch it up each time. Showers, couches, parks and movie theaters make for great spur-of-the-moment sex.  Each time you make him wait, he’ll come begging even harder. Remember, spontaneity is sexy!

For the longtime love: uh, if you suddenly begin to deny him the goods, he might suspect something’s wrong. Or worse, he might ditch you for that new spontaneous girl (see above).

Lesson 2: Availability

For the new guy in your life: Don’t make yourself too available. You’re a busy girl with a life of your own, now’s not the time to begin clearing your schedule for a guy you just met. You know how guys love leaving us girls waiting by the phone? It’s time for you to play that role. If you seem like your time is high in demand, he’ll be eager to get his share of your time.

For the longtime lover: You’ve been available enough to maintain this relationship for this long, don’t mess that up now by making yourself less available. Spending time together is key to maintaining a successful relationship, so keep it up.

Lesson 3: Social Life

For the new guy in your life: Here’s another “limit your supply and the guys will come demanding” guideline. You have your own friends and you have your own social life. The new guy needs to know that. Just like he’s not expecting you to tag along with him and his friends, you’re also anticipating that he’ll be understanding when you just want to have some girl time. When you do finally decide to hang around each other’s friends, it’ll be refreshing. And when you finally come back together after having been apart for some time, it’ll be all the more worthwhile.

For the longtime lover: Same rules apply. Bringing your signif other to hang out with your friends every now and again is totally fine, but you don’t want to end up being that girl that doesn’t get invited anywhere because your friends know your boyfriend will be attached at your hip.

Here’s a quick review:

You (minus) your supply (plus) some sex appeal = an increase in guy’s demand.

Easy huh? Limit your supply and the guy’s demand will increase. It’s almost like tricking him into thinking you’re some sort of hot commodity, LOL!

This is probably the simplest sort of economics, ever. I wish they would’ve taught us this back in…I don’t know, high school?

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