Boy Bands, We Miss You

Remember the days when we had to wait in huge lines of squirming and screaming girls outside of Best Buy for the midnight release of the new Backstreet Boys CD so they wouldn’t be sold out when we hit up the store in the morning? Those were the days…sort of. But really, I have never been nearly as excited for an album release as I was for NSync’s Celebrity in 2001.
Why did we all love boy bands so much? Was it the frosted tips? Was it the matching outfits and super-coordinated dance moves? Was it the denim cargo pants and diamond earrings? Yes, in fact, it was all of that. And so much more.
I could go on forever, but instead I’ll turn you over to one of our favorite former boy banders so he can tell you exactly what it is that he misses from his glory days with his musical crew.

Candy Dish: Campus Scoop
Candy Dish: Campus Scoop
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