The Weekly Ten: Most Eligible (And Fictional) Movie Men

It might be because I spend too much time in the realm of fiction (reading novels, watching movies, obsessing over tv), but I’ve been known to spend more than my fair share of time considering the pros and cons of men that don’t actually exist. The good. The bad. What they do right. What they do wrong. Why I can’t actually meet the men that Carrie Bradshaw dated.  And that’s probably partly because it’s easier to figure out the reasoning behind fictional characters than it is to figure out the reasoning of actual men. But that’s another story, for another day.
The point is that I know my fiction. I know my movies. And I know the men in those movies. And that’s why I feel perfectly justified in my list of the top ten most eligible movie men out there…
10. Richie Rich. Granted he’s a little young (Or at least he was back in the day when this film first came out.) but what he lacks in age he makes up for in cash. I mean the boy has a McDonalds in his mansion. If that doesn’t get you on this list, nothing will.
09. Harry Potter. He’s the savior of the wizarding world. Enough said.
08. Zack Mayo.  Of An Officer and a Gentleman. The one with Richard Gere. If you don’t know what I’m talking about go rent this movie right now…But back to the point. He may not be the richest or most prestigious guy on the list, but you’ve got to love a man in uniform, right? Right.
07. Clark Kent.  Sure he’s an alien. But he’s a hot alien with super strength and a knack for showing up just when he’s needed. Plus, I totally dig the whole dorky by day, dangerous by night thing.
06. Mark Zuckerberg. And speaking of dorks…But no seriously. I know he’s actually a real person and all. But I’m not talking about that Marky Z, I’m talking about the fictionalized version of him played by Jessie Eisenburg. Or maybe I’m just talking about Jessie Eissenburg…
05. Rhett Butler. Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. Southern gentleman he may not be, but that man can sweep me off my feet and up a staircase any time he wants.
04. Tony Stark. The most jaded, sarcastic, and irresponsible of all the superheros. So obviously he’s my favorite. You have to love that whole reluctant hero, reclusive genius thing. I know I have issues so just shut up about it.
03. Mr. Darcy. Sure he comes off a little rough around the edges, insulting the girl of his dreams the very first time they meet. But underneath all that snark there’s a guy that will do just about anything for his gal. Plus, have you seen Colin Firth shirtless Pemberly?
02. Edward Lewis. The modern day Prince Charming. The guy that gave Julia Roberts the fairy tale. The man that could totally make my Pretty Woman, dressing room, fashion show montage a reality. Sigh.
01. Mr. Big. I know. I know. He’s a fictional character from a tv show, not a movie. But technically he was featured in two movies. And who better than the billionaire boyfriend, who loves old school NYC to top off this list of eligible bachelors? No one I can think of. So John James Preston it is.
Okay ladies. Spill it. Who are your favorite fictional movie men?

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