Sex in the News: Better than The Pill?

As college girls, we have a lot of on our minds. From balancing work and class, yoga and fast food, our boyfriends and Half-Off Ladies Night, there is a lot to keep track of! So maybe you can relate with me when I say that the last thing on my mind is remembering to take the biggest pain in my ass, The Pill. Ladies, I am going to be honest with you. I hate the pill. I truly despise it. I leave it everywhere, sleep through my ‘You Don’t Want a Kid” alarm, and often go days without even thinking about it. So let me tell you, when I heard that there was another alternative – that doesn’t involve shots or wearing a patch – I was intrigued. When I read that it was the safest and most effective alternative to taking the pill, I called my doctor.
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists just released a report this Monday stating that the reversible contraceptives (like the IUD) are the safest and most effective contraceptive for all reproductive aged women. According to the study, most women who have had an unplanned pregnancy were using contraception, but were inconsistent. With a 0.05 pregnancy rate, these devices are inserted into the uterus by a doctor and then can be forgotten about until they’re removed. There are no alarms or daily reminders.  IUDs and the alike, release hormones that prevent pregnancy for up to five years.
They are also reversible, which means that if you want to get pregnant later, all you have to do is have a doctor remove it. To avoid sounding like a commercial on Lifetime, let me just quickly tell you that of course, like all contraceptives, there are risks. These include increased menstrual bleeding, cramps, and infection.
For more information, check out the article on Women’s Health or see your doctor. The IUD isn’t for everyone, but if you are anything like me, it might be the perfect no-baby solution for you!
Hey Girls, let me know. Have you tried the IUD? What form of birth control do you recommend? Help a sister out!

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