The Bachelorette: It's About to Get Awkward

Continuing with the theme of whining about Bentley’s departure, and by that I mean new beginnings, Ashley and her crew flew to Chiang Mai . I’m not sure if it was the heat, the punches to the head or random Thai men jumping in the water, but this was by far one of the most awkward episodes.

Also, ABC promised me that I would get some good ol’ Bentley drams going down…they lied. They lied big time..instead they left us with a “dot dot dot” and a week to think about what will happen. Will the men all leave Ashley? Will Ashley be shown the footage? Will Bentley’s hair look okay when he makes Ashley cry again? …so many gosh darn questions!
Let’s get down to business now, shall we?
Best Awkward Moments:
-Ashley saying Rawr.
-The entire time Ben F. and Ashley were sitting in front of the temple. Half seeming like they wanted to kiss and half seem like they both had major stomach pains.
-Ben F. wanting to be a sugar daddy, and Ashley wanting to be a sugar baby. (I’m not sure of the specific terminology here, but I think you get the point).
-Ames introducing himself to the little boxing Thai guy “Me Ames, me no fight” or something like that.
-Mickey exclaiming, “He got his bell rung,” when talking about Ames. (…So Mickey wants to ring Ames’ bell?)
-“Who has two thumbs and is going to win the rose on this one,” long pause “this guy” -William (Pretty sure everyone watching just hung their head for the poor guy.)
-Ashley’s walk. This episode it seemed that she had to rush to the bathroom every time she stepped on to set.
-Lucas teaching Ashley how to golf. Honestly it just shouldn’t be done in heels and a short dress.
-William talking enthusiastically about how he is a man-boy, while Ashley looks like she is constipated/about to hit him in the head just to get him to shut up.
-Ben C. playing the piano while William lies on a couch looking like he would rather drink rat poison then be there.
Other notable mentions: 
-On the two-on-one date, William told Ashley that Ben C. wanted to leave so he could go try online dating. Because online dating is clearly the next best thing to being in Thailand on a reality TV show. Just sayin’. But then, it got better…because Ben C. denied it and Ashley still sent him home. How did he leave you ask? He was put on a raft by two men and floated away into the night with them…never to be seen or heard from again. (Okay, well maybe that last part is made up.)
-Ashley throwing a rose into the fire (similar to mask man throwing his mask in the fire…maybe they would’ve been a perfect match) and then going on to say, “If I don’t get closure with Bentley, I might end up alone.” Really? You’re going to let that douchelord destroy your only shot at real love? (…because The Bachelorette is obviously Ashley’s only shot at finding real love.)
-On a sad note, my favorite ball of wax got a mild concussion. After having a bloody nose, blood-shot eyes and a dazed look on his face, Ames was rushed to the Thai hospital. Did Ash go with him? No. Did he get the group date rose? No. Waxey suffered a head injury for you and you can’t even give him a rose magnet?
Nick, Ben C. and William leave. (Hey Nick, if you’re still free, I’m still lookin’… )
Next Stop:
Hong Kong. Ashley gets to confront Bentley, and the guys get mad because it’s a douche move on her part.
I guess it’s all just one big “dot dot dot.”
What did you think of Ames’ wax bell getting rung? How did William go from being so freakin’ cute to so effing annoying? Who else was so excited to see JP “the little Jew from Long Island” win that boxing match!? Leave your thought below. Until next time, ladies…

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