The Ultimate College App

All these smart phones and iPads have made life pretty convenient. News stories are a button away, exercise apps can amp up our workouts and no one can ever complain of boredom with constant access to Fruit Ninja. The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) recently came out with a pretty sweet app all about students, trends and news. It got me thinking, we are in need of one super app for college girls designed to make our lives just a little bit more fun and easy.

Want to rock college? Yeah, there (should be) an app for that.

1. Class Schedule Synched With the Besties: You won’t have to waste any more time figuring out when you can all “do lunch.” This feature will do the work for you

2. Digital Version of your Campus Newspaper: Because that way, you might actually read it.

3. Access to the Grub Hub App: Save your address and credit card details. Maybe even your favorite orders. Pita Pit has never felt closer.

4. Local Happy Hours and Specials: It’s hard to keep them all straight. We know Wednesdays are half-off of wine night, but friendly daily reminders that it’s buy one-get-one-free or 10 cent wing night could really help us save a buck or two.

5. Professor Rankings: A quick and easy way to tap into Rate My or whatever service your school uses. Signing up for classes will be a breeze.

6. Jokes on Mondays: Because we hate having a case of the Mondays and sometimes a few popsicle jokes are all we need to get going. Knock Knock…

7. Calorie Counter: Sadly not all campus coffee shops have the calories listed underneath the mocha frappuccinos. Oh wait, you don’t want to know?

8. Social Calendar: Wouldn’t it be nice if on-campus social events were just updated into a nicely organized calendar? You wouldn’t have to be bombarded with Facebook event invites every 5 seconds but also wouldn’t miss anything cool because you refused to sort through the spam.

9. Weekly Microwavable Recipes: We may finally be off the meal plan but are pretty far from cooking up a storm. Put down the lean cuisine, there are other options out there.

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