Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Khloe Kardashian is Killer in Canary Yellow

[Welcome to Celebrity Chic on the Cheap, where our style guru takes a celebrity look and breaks it down for you, our poor college fashionista. What does that mean? It means that while the celebrities (like Lake Bell) are spending $5,000 and more on an ensemble, you an spend way less…and save the rest for Margarita Mondays.]

We all have our favorite Kardashian. Myself, I’m a Khloe kind of gal. She’s brash. She’s an Amazon. She snagged a sexy basketball player. She’s absolutely hilarious. And I think she’s totally gorge. Her style is totally accessible – she tends to alternate between sexy haute couture aesthetics and cute, whimsical, vibrant looks. She often mixes high and low end pieces, which is always refreshing to see on a celebrity. Recently, she celebrated her birthday in a relaxed, but still very stylish summer outfit.

Top, Tank, Shorts, Bag, Shoes

Crochet tops are making a comeback this season. They’re lightweight, and are both modest and flirty. Pairing this white top with a subtly metallic cami is a modest interpretation of this look, but you could easily go for something flashier if you prefer bolder aesthetics. Denim shorts are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, and they add an element of nonchalance to this look. The highlight of this outfit is definitely Khloe’s bright yellow Birkin. It’s eye-catching and alluring, and totally kicks her look up to the next level. It contrasts well with all the other understated pieces, including her gray ankle strap heels. This look is so versatile and easily transitions from a day at the beach to a night at the bars.
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