I Have Small Boobs … So What?

Boobs – we all have them. Some are gigantic, some are barely there. Some are 100% real and others are fake. While some of us can fill out bras, some of us need a little push up enhancement. In a big breast lovin’ society, it can be hard out there for a girl with a smaller chest. But I’m not going to lie – I love my small boobs!

Although we all seem so programmed to want double D’s that spill out of some overly priced bra that will only add to their bodacious size, I am perfectly okay with my boobs and the size that they are today. Really, I don’t see what the big deal is when it comes to being an A or B cup. In fact, I only see the pros instead of cons.
Thanks to my smaller cup size, I never have to worry about shopping. My well-endowed friends always complain about never finding bras in their size, never having the styles they want made for their boob type, or they feel like lingerie and undergarment shopping isn’t aimed for those with a larger bust. Based on my personal experience, I always find the size I need, the style I want, and leaving with what I want or need happens more often than not. Same with shopping for tops and dress — while my D cup friends have a difficult time finding dresses that fit them well in the bust, I feel like my small boobs don’t determine what I can and cannot wear. Yes, of course, sometimes I don’t fill out a dress completely, but I sure rather slap on a padded push up to do the job instead of wearing something else.
Not only do my small tatas make it easy to shop, but they keep things simple. Women with larger breasts often complain of having stretch marks, sore boobs, and of course, a sore back. A few of my friends find running painful without the right bra support because their boobs are so heavy. I, on the other hand, have never experienced what that could possibly feel like. With so many back problems occurring for women with fuller cup sizes opting for breast reductions, I can’t help but feel lucky that my small boobs have never held me back or caused me pain.
While some women with smaller boobs often feel insecure about how men will react to them, I just say … whatever. If a man doesn’t want to talk to me, date me, or get frisky in the sheets because I have tangerines instead of watermelons – I don’t want to know him in the first place. Obviously, my breast size does not define me and if that is somehow a deal breaker, then let me say NEXT and move right along. And just because I have clementines instead of cantaloupes, it doesn’t mean I can’t have fun. My boobs still function the same way as big ones. In fact – they are perfectly palm sized, and the last time I checked – their size (or lack thereof) changes nothing between the sheets. Imagine if women decided what men they were interested in completely based on penis size before ever talking to them – how would that go over? But really, my small boobs are mine – and no guy is going to make me feel badly about them.
Although I will admit that sometimes I wonder if the grass is greener on the other side, I can’t help but just embrace what I’ve been given – even if it’s nothing more than a handful. My boobs work for me, and as a woman with the body I have — I don’t think I could ask for more.

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