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Is Lady Gaga On The Decline?


She’s cranked out hit after hit and dropped 3 (well sort of two and half) albums in just a few short years. She’s toured non-stop, teamed up with Beyoncé, created scandalous videos and, oh yeah, rocked the most ridiculous outfits imaginable.

Because of her crazy level of success, bloggers and celebrities alike are urging Gaga to slow down, hoping she doesn’t take a plunge into the deep end (in case she hasn’t already). Some have even gone as far to say she’s on her way down.

Wait she pulled a Britney and shaved her head?!!

Just kidding, it was a skull cap. But the threat is real people. I just hope I don’t spot her walking barefoot in public bathrooms anytime soon…

I can see where people are coming from. We’ve seen a few too many promising stars bite the dust but personally, I think Gaga’s still got it. Yeah, she’s doing everything and then some right now but she lacks the diva quality that could potentially hold her back. She’s focused on philanthropy and gay rights, which has got to keep even the most famous people grounded.

I expect more singles and great albums in her future. And I don’t think she’ll ever stop coming up with cray-cray outfits or video ideas. This is Gaga after all…

And by that we mean click through the gallery to catch up with our favorite crazy lady.

What do you think? Is Gaga Done?