Do You Know Glamour's Woman of the Year?

We all know amazing women. Your mom, who pushed you out of her vajay for 18 hours (and tells the excruciating story every year on your birthday). Your philosophy TA, who imparts the perfect dose of gritty life wisdom and existential enlightenment each class. Your freshman year roommate…the fact that homegirl never reported your crazy ass to campus security for your wide array of wild shenanigans has secured her a place in heaven for sure.
Admittedly, some amazing women are more worthy of an award than others. Think more along the lines of your sorority sister who organizes the beyond spectacular philanthropy events each year, not the girl who can masterfully dance on the bar in a mini dress without having a Brit slip.
Well, Glamour is looking for you to brag about all the truly amazing women in your life.
Here’s what they have to say:
Brag Time: Tell Us Why You’re Amazing
Glamour is looking for young women—age 25 or under—who are doing big things in their community. Tell us how you’re changing the world and you could be one of two lucky winners we’ll bring to Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards at New York City’s Carnegie Hall on November 7.
So…wanna come? Nominate yourself (or a friend!) by going to (link to:—and attach a pic. Then check back in two months to meet the five finalists and vote for your favorites.
Well, what are you waiting for? Nominate someone! (Not sure who to nominate, CollegeCandy editors are always looking for a little love….just kidding…not really)

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