Alex McCord, Gov. Cuomo and the 2011 Gay Pride Parade NYC [135 PHOTOS]

The Village was alaze with celebration and excitement Sunday as the 42nd Annual Gay Pride Parade took to the streets of mid and lower Manhattan.  The parade comes only two days after the New York Senate voted to legalize same-sex marriages in the State of New York.  NYC Gov. Andrew Cuomo was the obvious hero of the day, leaving the McCords from Real Housewives NYC as the obvious zeros.  Alex and hubby hugged the outer edge of the route in extreme effort to assure camera’s like ours caught it.
Caught it we did, in addition to 100 or so more pics.  So check out these 135 photos from Sunday’s historic Pride Parade.  And give cheers around to NY for having the cajones to recognizing equal rights for all.

(all photos © 2011)

Real Housewives New York’s Alex McCord

The Man of the Hour Governor Andrew Cuomo

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