I Always Hated My Summer Birthday…Until Now

I’ve never liked my summer birthday. It’s June 30th, smack dab in the middle of summer. In elementary school I never got the chance to bring in cookies or cupcakes to celebrate, nor did I ever get the chance to be “Student of the Day” and wear the special birthday crown.  In elementary school, that’s a BIG deal!  Because of this, my birthday was often forgotten by my classmates. Few could ever attend my birthday parties because usually my birthday fell on the weekend of July 4th so most families were out of town celebrating Independence Day. It sucked, and mostly because that meant I received fewer presents. Not to sound spoiled, but little kids LOVE presents and I was always jealous of those with birthdays during the school year because they received a ton of gifts. (Mostly the same variation of the coolest Barbie doll, I might add!)
Now that I’m turning the big 2-0 this year and my teen years are behind me, I’ve learned to appreciate my summer birthday.  Not many kids can say that they don’t have to go to school on their birthday…well I never had to. Summer babies are blessed with the greatest gift of all—no school! Although that might mean no special birthday treats and balloons, summer babies never have to sit through hours of grueling lectures and boring teachers. And that may just be the greatest gift of all. Having a summer birthday also lets you escape, meaning those with summer birthdays can treat themselves to a nice vacay! It’s awesome to get the chance to celebrate your birthday in a new environment, somewhere so different and exciting from your hometown.  One year, I was cruising the Caribbean during my birthday, and that my friends is pretty darn cool—cooler than any birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to love my summer birthday. It allows me to do some pretty awesome things on my special day, like stay out late, be carefree with no commitments and maybe even go on a vacation. It’s pretty awesome. My only complaint about my summer birthday—all my friends will be 21 before me. Bummer!

Intro to Cooking: Yummy Yogurt Parfait
Intro to Cooking: Yummy Yogurt Parfait
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