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College Candy is on Tumblr!


As you probably know, loyal reader, College Candy likes to stay on top of all the latest trends. For better or worse, we’ve dared to strut our much-accentuated food babies stuff in high-waisted pants, we’ve risked cutting our circulation off for the love of Silly Bandz and, God help us, there may have been a brief minute with Shape-Ups. And while we (somehow) let each of those things fall by the wayside, we’ve jumped on a new trend that just might actually have some staying power.

Brace yourselves, because College Candy is now on Tumblr. (And by College Candy, we mean the behind-the-scenes goodness that we can’t really show you here.)

Feel like getting to know the CC editors and staff on a TMI level? Wonder what our inboxes look like? Need a brilliant and quick answer to any one of life’s burning questions? Psh, sure you do!

So don’t wait around, follow College Candy on tumblr! Like a good date, we might just return the favor…