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Versatile Style: Citizens of Humanity Angie Super Flare Jeans


I’ve yet to recommend a pair of jeans on Versatile Style, so that became my mission this week. Most people think of jeans as super versatile items, when in fact, they’re not. The fit, wash and details on a pair of jeans are actually extremely restrictive and more often than not, clump them into a “casual” category. It’s pretty hard to pull off a pair of severely ripped jeans in a light wash at a classy bar, right? Anyways, with the big flare trend coming back for denim, I decided to find a classic pair that will wear for years and suit your every purpose. Enter Citizens of Humanity Angie Super Flare!

Citizens of Humanity is a denim cult-favorite. Celebs and fashionistas are constantly spotted in their styles and they are conscious of trends while staying with classic shapes. My favorite thing about this particularl style is that it comes in several washes, so you can really customize. If you’re going to be wearing these more as a business-casual pair, then go darker, but a lighter pair will be great for transitioning from day to night. Either way, make sure to get the wash that you feel looks best on you!

They feature two round-stitched front pockets and back patch pockets and a 9″ rise, which means they aren’t super low. These will sit comfortably on your hips, but you won’t have to worry about exposing the dreaded plumber’s crack! And, you have the option of going REALLY 70’s and tucking your shirt into your waistband. The flare is a generous 26′, which I think is just perfect. It’s very clearly a flare-leg, but not in the realm of ridiculous.

Let’s start off with my daytime look:

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Because the jeans are so very 70’s, I went with that vibe for the daytime look. The muscle top with the ethnic print gives the outfit a focal point and then I pulled colors from that for the braided sandals and scarf. The fringe purse was an absolute must, of course in a natural leather or suede (or faux!) material and a neutral color. For jewelery, a simple leather cuff and layered necklace added to the boho-chic vibe. I could definitely see a starlet sporting this look at a music festival or while meeting a friend for lunch.

And now night:

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Nighttime demands a lot of classiness and since jeans are naturally so casual, I needed a fancy top. The lace fabric was just the thing, and with a swing bottom it feels really formal. I adore the summery yellow shade, but a deep purple or even a black would be equally appropriate. I had to stick with the decade and pair this with a platform sandal with leather and stud details. A sequin wristlet adds to the formality again, and a neutral color such as this will prove to be very useful in your wardrobe. I couldn’t resist adding the headband – I always look for an excuse to wear one and these jeans are just too perfect! Just one standout piece of jewelery, like this cocktail ring, will ensure you don’t look like you’re trying too hard. A nude lip just screams summer and finishes this off nicely.

Citizens of Humanity jeans are available all over the place and I’m sure you can find a store near you that stocks them! Be daring and try a Super Flare this summer.

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