Sex in the News: Married at Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen. Even though it seems like a decade ago, I can remember mine fondly. To celebrate the big day, I took a weekend trip with eight of my closest girlfriends (and my mom). The ten of us spent the weekend shopping around town, pigging out on calorie-filled treats, jumping on hotel beds, and playing Twister in the elevator. It was a time of pure innocent fun. We weren’t thinking about job applications or the divorce rate. We were careless, young, and free. It was a perfect time to be sixteen.

Sadly, this time of innocence and simplicity is not guaranteed for all sixteen-year-olds. Take Courtney Stodden, for example. Already enhanced with new boobs, a country singing “career,” and a commitment to Dark Water Production Company, Courtney spent part of her sixteenth year growing up fast in Las Vegas. It was here that Courtney married fifty-one-year-old “Lost” star, Doug Hutchison, a man four years older than her own father and thirty-five years older than herself. Courtney was legally allowed to do this with the permission of her parents (who also probably drop her off at the bus stop each morning.)

The “happy couple” now lives together in their Hollywood Hills home where they most likely argue over watching Turner Classic Movies or the MTV Movie Awards, inform one another about who Bob Seger and Justin Bieber are and take turns dining at the club with his golf buddies or having slumber parties with her girlfriends. Either way, the couple was quoted telling E! Online, “We’re aware that our vast age difference is extremely controversial but we’re very much in love and want to get the message out there that true love can be ageless.” Oh, a message is out there.  He’ll be taking out his AARP card for a senior discount before she’ll be taking out her ID for a drink. The message? Eww.

What do you think ladies, do you have an “age limit” when it comes to love or is a thirty-five year difference just a number? 

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