Tall Order: Does Height Really Matter?

My friends tell me I’m unreasonable when I explain my 6’2” dating cut off. They get all in a fuss telling me that’s ridiculous and that men don’t have to be the perfect height anymore. Of course my rule is not actually that rigid, but I like tall guys. So what?

More and more people are shattering the perception that the man has to be just a bit taller with your highest Louboutins on. It seems that in the in sea of douches, players and eligible-but-taken bachelors, women are more than happy to date shorter or wayyy taller men (as there are clearly more important characteristics to be concerned about).

As long as you click and are attracted to the man, height should be irrelevant. But I intend to stick to my rule…for the time being anyway.

Check out these celebrity couples who have big height disparities.

Do you have any height requirements for people you date?

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