, PlentyOfFish, eHarmony‚Ķ..with so many dating sites available these days, it’s no surprise that a substantial amount of relationships today start online. But what about us romantic hopefuls‚Ķin college?
Two lovely ladies at Columbia University developed the idea to start a dating site,, strictly for us collegiate lovers. That’s right, with this site you can breathe easy: there won’t be any creepy 50 year old friend requests or pokes from your younger brother’s annoying friends. To become a member of the site you must have a working .edu email address. Now you can automatically check “gives a damn about his education” off of your dating checklist!
So what do we think of this Personally, I think it’s a pretty clever idea. On Facebook, anyone can say that they attend I’mTotallyNotInSchool University, and we’d never know if they were telling the truth or not. The collegiate exclusivity is what attracts me to the site, but in the long run, it’s this exclusivity that may also be its downfall. For one, the site was designed for and originally available only on a select few Ivy League campuses, in a very Facebook-esque manner. Now the site has launched at plenty more schools, but will require some money (from college students who are probably the largest financially challenged group of citizens in the country, or from investors who may potentially be too old to have an active university email address) for growth and expansion.
On top of the money issue, are formal dating and college necessarily compatible? It seems to me that the more informal path, the Hang N Bang scenario, is more common among college students who seem to have less time for traditional dating yet just enough downtime for a casual hook-up. So there’s always the chance that the site will lose momentum simply because people either won’t be interested in it’s stress on “dating,” or because they’re using it simply as a channel for high-speed hookups.
It’ll surely be interesting to see where the site goes. Facebook gained its popularity when it became public, so the creators of may need to come up with some innovative way to make the site more inclusive if they’d like for the site to take off in numbers. What are your thoughts on online dating for college students only?

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