The College Sport Every Student Will Want to Play


So you played sports in a high school, and you were okay. But you never quite got to the level that would attract any attention from a college recruit. That’s fine, life as a college athlete basically sucks anyway. I mean, their partying is strictly monitored, and who wants that when college is obviously supposed to be the four years of your life when you drink the most and let yourself fall into the worst shape you’ve ever been in? College athleticism ruins all of that.

However, there is now a competitive league out there that I’m sure would peak the interest of a lot of fat and lazy college kids. Just kidding, we’re not really fat and lazy…

Anyway, this year a new organization by the name of The National Collegiate Competitive Eating Association found its way onto college campuses across the nation. The purpose of the NCCEA, according to their website, is to “connect Student Eaters and Sponsors to sanctioned competitive eating contests and championships.”

What’s that you say? National eating competitions?? For college kids? How has this not been invented before?

Here’s the thing about this eating competition organization deal–it is THE perfect sporting event for people in college. In no way will it limit the amount of drinking and partying you can get into. In fact, it may just encourage you to go out a little more. Think about: when you’re hungover, you can eat all day long and never get full. Perfect training method!

The NCCEA recently announced their champions for this year, and the dudes are looking pretty happy about their accomplishments. So why waste your time with all that 5 am running and late night lifting to get in shape for the game next week when you can join these guys in their quest to down as many hot dogs and wings as humanly possible? We all gain the Freshman 15 anyway, right? So why not get a little recognition for it?

Check out the events schedule and general info about the NCCEA at their website