Budget Stylista: 4th of July Finds

Fourth of July Weekend is HERE!
Bring on the hot dogs, the sparklers, singing Bye Bye Miss American Pie on repeat and…the tacky American flag apparel.
But this year my friends, there is no need to don that over-sized American flag shirt from 1998. You can lose the red bandanna and pig tails because that looks good on no one (unless you’re 5 and even then I’m wary). This season is all about color, so you can safely do up the colors of our grand ol’ flag while still looking as fashionable as ever.
No matter what you’re up to this weekend- here are three outfits that should have you covered!

Shirt, Shorts, Shoes

Tuck this shirt into the cherry red shorts and go with some simple white sandals and a pair of aviators if you have them! Perfect for the 4th of July (or any summer day) it says festive without saying “I’m related to Uncle Sam.”

Coverup, Bikini Top, Bikini Bottom, Sandals

This is the perfect ‘fit for chowing down on potato chips and apple pie by the pool. I love the casualness of the loose tank- and of course, the swim suit underneath goes perfectly with a raft and an iced cocktail.


Dress, Shoes, Cuff, Bangle

Whether you’re hitting a bbq at your uncle’s or the clubs downtown in your city- this outfit is flirty, festive and fun! You’re giving off the perfect balance of, “I’m being festive but not in an overkill, I-look-like-a-middle-aged-mom sort of way” and the, “I’m too cool for school to even acknowledge this holiday”
4th of July perfection!

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