Summer In The City: Workin' On Your Fitness

[This summer a dream internship with Lucky magazine moved me from Austin, Texas, where I’ve spent all 21 years of my life, to New York City for the summer. Come along for the ride and follow me through this column as I take on all that the city has in store for me. I’ll share tips I’ve picked up along the way about everything from how to pack (stop, drop and roll people!) to dating to fitting in (or standing out) and so much more.]

In the shuffle of moving and getting settled in the city this summer, I lost the balance of the healthy lifestyle I led through the school year. With my gym back home not having any branches near my place in New York and full workdays that left me exhausted at the end of the day, I was getting restless.
Tip #15 – Take a day trip to cure your fitness itch.
If you’re anything like me, you need to switch up your fitness routine with things that don’t actually feel like fitness. If you’re sick of walking the streets of New York and need a respite from hot air up your skirt courtesy of subway grates, take a day trip outside of the city. Long Island is the perfect day trip if the city has you forgetting what a sunset looks like and it’s only an hour train ride away. A $21 ticket will score you a round trip ticket to the beach as well as an all-day beach pass. Get active on the beach by running, playing a few rounds of beach volleyball and even if sunbathing is more your style, exploring the town for adorable boutiques by foot will be a workout in itself. Bonus – you can bring a cooler to the beach stocked with guilt-free snacks.
Tip #16 – Introduce yourself to a multivitamin…and actually take it.
I must have at least five bottles of multivitamins in my medicine cabinet back home, all of which are probably still full. During the school year, I did my best to keep up with a balanced diet and so if I forgot to take a multi, it wasn’t such a big deal. But with long work hours, an overactive social life and the fact that cooking and cleaning takes longer than actually eating, my diet has suffered. I’ve made an effort to introduce a vegetable to my New York City lunches and dinners but only after a vitamin B deficiency had my lips chapped and my skin looking lackluster. Though I’m making an effort to eat right, I’m kicking myself for not having taken the multivitamin regimen seriously earlier. If slowing your morning down to take a pill doesn’t sound appealing, pick up some adult gummy vites and get ready to be excited to take your multi every morning.
Tip #17 – There are a TON of free fitness classes all over the city.
A simple search for “free fitness classes in New York” in Google yields enough fun and interesting classes to fill up your calendar for months. From yoga to tai chi to fencing, there’s something that you’ll be able to convince yourself to get out of the house for. Since many of the classes happen weekly, it’s a great place to meet people as well.
Tip #18 – Check out the farmers’ market.
The city has a ton of local farmers’ markets and since they take place all throughout the week, you can always find time to check out booths full of new and organic groceries from local vendors. On Thursdays I go to a market about a 10-minute walk from my place and skip riding the subway. Most days when I see the banners in the subway that encourage me to get off a stop early to burn extra calories walking home I can’t help but cringe, but there’s something about strolling to a farmers’ market that feels so perfectly cliché.
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