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From Sparklers to Fireworks: A Summer Sex Guide


It’s that time of year again, the time of year that Judy Blume told us about when we were 13. The time of year when hearts are all in a flutter over finding the perfect summer romance…or at least a solid fling for the next couple of month. So whether you are in a monogamous relationship, hooking up with a random hottie, or just like reading about is a sure-fire summer guide to add some fireworks to your future romp sesh.

Let’s start with the basics, the summer is hot. Like really hot and humid, like causing people to sweat in awkward places hot. So when you’re getting down and dirty..aka “heating things up”, it sometimes can get..a little, well hot.

So here are a few interesting ideas for cooling you off while smooshing.

Getting it on in the rain: We’ve all seen the Notebook (well like 95% of us have) and we all know the breathtaking kiss where Noah lifts Alley up in the pouring rain and lays one on her. Why not recreate that with your man (or woman)? Now just because you’re starting outside, doesn’t mean you need to finish. After a nice little make out sesh in the rain to cool off, why not take it inside and you know..get down to business.

Ice Cubs: Remember when you used to “draw” on your friend’s back with your hands when you were younger? Why not take that up a notch by adding some ice cubes, bare skin, and not limiting the “drawing” to just one body part..just make sure not to hold it in one place for too long.

Hitting the floor (literally): Heat rises, we all know that, so when things are just a little too hot for sticky bed sheets why not hit the tile floor (not literally, more like gently slide to the floor). Still hot while ramping things up on the nice cool tile? Add a fan or too. Even if you aren’t hot, why not mix it up for some fun.

Speaking of mixing things’s summer, you’re back home with your parents (well most of us are anyway) in your childhood room that has way to many memories of your awkward teenage years to even consider inviting the hottie from the bar home..time to get creative: 

Cold Shower (or hot shower if it’s a cold night); Cold showers aren’t just for when you’re trying to uh…”cool down.” Why not use a cold shower to spice things up? After a hot day, what better way to get clean but getting a little dirty along the way.

Beach: So, we all know Cosmo advice is always a little iffy, but sometimes their sex tips aren’t all bad. Like “Cosmos Deep Water Dare”  position. All that is needed?  A beach (with deep water, like water deep enough to cover everything), and bathing suits. For some added excitement why not try during a high traffic time (just make sure you are in deep water, and you might want to keep your top on).

Drive in: When I think drive in movies, I think that seen in Grease when Danny goes in for a feelski and gets rejected. Why not go back to a time when life was simpler (and gas was cheaper!). Hit up a drive in with your favorite someone, and park in the back…the way back.

So, lovely readers of CC, what do you think? What is your favorite way to heat things up while keeping your cool? Do you have any favorite summer spots to do the dirty? Leave a comment below and share your advice!

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