'80s Movies Every ‘90s Kid Should See

If I could go back to any decade it would be the ’80s, but unlike Michael J. Fox I never found an old man who made a time machine out of a DeLorean. So I’m forced to watch one of my favorite decades through movies, horrible music videos (I’m looking at you Paula), and of course thrift store shopping for bright-colored leggings (they’re still in, right?).
Luckily, the ’80s seem to be making a comeback, I know, I know I’m as surprised as you are. And although I am all set with shoulder pads, it is nice to finally have other people appreciating the artfully crafted movies from that time period.
Like a classic ’20s black and white film, some ’80s movies need to be seen by everyone. Not only did some of them inspire horrendous remakes (cough Love Don’t Cost a Thing cough) but most of them star some of our favorite actors today…back when they were a little younger and a little more awkward. Plus, liking ’80s movies is totally in right now!
Keep reading for a crash course in the major films of the ’80s..or at least the ones you need to watch like asap.
No, but really…start looking them up on Netflix.

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Maxim Says the Darndest Things: July Edition
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