Sex in the News: Tech-Cheating

Want to cheat on your boyfriend? There’s an App for that! 
No, seriously. There is.
As infidelity rates increase between committed and married couples, technology has found several new and disturbing ways to keep up. Tech-savvy adulterers have moved from the naughty chatrooms of the 90s to using the iPhone and Blackberry apps of the new generation. With this, cheating has shutdown, rebooted and upgraded itself to become even more easy and available; it has developed into “cheating 2.0”., a website that prides itself on being “The worlds leading married dating service for discreet encounters” has been a part of this illicit craze from the beginning. Now with phone apps (complete with no electronic history trail), has more than doubled over the past year, now with over 9, 870,000 members. According to the dating profiles as documented by TIME Magazine, 92% of males and 60% of females joining the community are married or otherwise attached. Most of the site is made up of men, but women users have doubled since its launch in 2001. Biderman, the CEO of the site admits to TIME Magazine that he would be “devastated” if his own wife used the website. He is convinced, however, that “people cheat because their lives aren’t working for them…No website or 30 second ad is going to convince [them].”
Other sites, including and, have also taken advantage of this extracurricular movement. While is committed to affairs, both of these sites are dedicated to connecting “ambitious and attractive girls” to “successful and generous benefactors,” or as puts it “Sugar Daddies and Mommies” to “Sugar Babies.” Most of the profiles here include budgets set aside for pampering and introductory titles such as “Seeking a Princess to spoil.” Overall these sites are dedicated to linking the wealthy with the good-looking… as if this wasn’t already a clear association in life.
The final Tech-Trend sweeping the cheating nation is an app known as TigerText. This device allows users to not only recall sent messages, but to also set messages to self-destruct on both parties’ phones. Although the company claims it is only concerned with privacy issues, TigerText is often used by the promiscuous and adulterous. By allowing users to erase the electronic history trail, this app helps keep “Significant Others” far away from “Sugar Babies.” Applications, such as this one, are making cheating even easier for the so-inclined. Instead of having to go through all of the effort of lying and sneaking out to a bar or massage parlor, technology has allowed cheaters to ruin their marriages, break up their homes and look cool while doing so…all from the comfort of their shared loving bed.
Aw. Now, isn’t that nice.

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