The Worst Drinking Ideas Ever: How Seemingly Awesome Ideas Turn Into Sloppy Hook Ups, the Fresh 15, and Beyond

People tend to make a lot of poor choices after consuming alcohol. And that’s before you factor in delicious drinks and fun games that aim to sneak alcohol into your system that much faster. By eliminating the following things, your college experience might have fewer headaches and exponentially improved rate of good decision-making.
Icing: This trend got so out of hand last summer that I heard countless stories of bosses icing their interns and entire bars running out of Smirnoff Ice. This so-called girly drink can get aggressive when your roommate ices you after a long night of drinking (bad) or when you’re hungover the next morning (worse).
Vodka Whipped Cream: Whipped Lightening has created the first alcohol-infused whipped cream weighing in at 36.5 proof….as if we needed another easy and delicious way to consume alcohol. Oh, and the nutritional values are miraculously missing, no calories listed so they don’t count, right?
Liquor Pong: You’re just asking for problems.
Firefly: Spending time down South taught me the wonder that is sweet tea. Previously, I had no idea what I was missing out on. Then add some vodka? It’s like summer in a cup! Followed by a terrible hangover.
Shot Gunning: A step beyond good old-fashioned chugging, I’ve decided it’s far too easy to consume small pieces of metal if you’re not a pro cutter. That on top of one last beer you probably definitely didn’t need to consume.
Four Loko: As if alcohol weren’t enough, this company decided to add caffeine and sugar to this crazy concoction. No wonder it’s been banned in several states. Examples of side affects are, but are not limited to: embarrassing texts to your ex-boyfriend, hazy nights, ridiculous dance moves, incriminating photos and general regret.
Irish Car Bombs: Mixing three types of alcohol into one delicious milkshake like concoction and a fun chugging game. We were never even given a chance.

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