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If You Like Harry Potter…You’ll Love These Books


Ever since the last Harry Potter book was published, the series has left a gaping hole in reader’s hearts. We’re all lost without the tales of Harry and company and the last movie is making us feel a little nostalgic. So what’s left to read? I’ve scrounged up some books that contain the same general themes as Harry Potter such as friendship, the supernatural, loyalty, adventure and so forth.

Disclaimer: Most of these books ARE children’s books. But so was Harry Potter, which you read and loved so give some of these other books a chance. I mean honestly there are only so many adult adventure books worth reading (or that I could find).

Graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill. She's one of those people who loves school (or is afraid of the real world) so, she's getting her MFA in Screenwriting from the University of Southern California. If she's not writing, then she's writing. Or if she's really not writing, she's watching Netflix (aren't we all?).