This Post-Grad Life: I Have ‘Feeling Left Out’ Syndrome

I don’t know if the problem I’ve been having with my social life is a post-grad problem, or a Brittany problem – but I’m about to share it. Here goes. I recently purchased the UK edition of Cosmopolitan. Inside the glorious shiny cover was an article called, ‘Do You Have Feeling Left Out Syndrome?’  The first moment I looked at it with my glistening stank eye, I decided “No, I do not have a Feeling Left Out Syndrome. I never check my phone constantly, sign on to Facebook just to see what’s up, update my Twitter every day or constantly imagine what everyone could possibly be doing at this very moment….”

But then it hit me: I have ‘Feeling Left Out Syndrome.’ So bad.

In fact, since leaving a college atmosphere where every moment of every day was surrounded by activities and play time, I’ve run face-first into a world where I’m constantly digging for things to be involved in. I never feel like I’m doing enough with my free time and always feel the pressure to grab happy hour with girlfriends, dance around the bar every Saturday night, snag coffee with a co-worker…

The constant pressure to do things all the time gets to my head. Like seriously, I get a migraine. Does this happen to anyone else? Does anyone else feel like they need to grasp every opportunity to play the social field and get out there? Maybe I sound like a crazy person, but technology these days is constantly updating me on what everyone else is doing.

Betty is having the time of her life being totally awesome and social at the bar!

Gloria can’t stop thinking about how cute it is to have picnics with her yummy boyfriend!

Julie is getting a puppy because she wants to!

I don’t have a friend named Betty, and I never will, but these constant updates get a little overwhelming sometimes. Especially when my update is “Simply wanting to sit in a room alone.”

So here’s what I propose as a personal goal for myself. This weird pressure coming from outer activities, only ignites from a little flame of insecurity. I need to combat that and become comfortable with doing…nothing. Because most of the time, I’m totally OK with sitting on my couch watching TV and painting my nails with a clever O.P.I. color. I’m not saying I have to completely close out everything that’s going on in my social world, just balance it out so I can find time for myself, and others later. The constant pressure to feel like I need to please others by going out is completely unnecessary. Everyone is still going to love me if I’d rather do my laundry and eat toast all day.

In fact, I think I’m going to drop my phone in the toilet, hide my charger from my computer, throw my TV remote out the window, click my heels (for dramatic affect) and try to live a carefree life that doesn’t feel the pull of outer activities. I don’t always need to be ‘doing.’

I’m not Carrie Bradshaw. I’m a lame person sometimes, and well – that’s OK.

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