Web Spy: OpenSky

I spend an abnormal amount of time online shopping, so I always get exited whenever I hear about a new shopping site — especially if the site features amazing sales! So when I heard about the new website OpenSky, I couldn’t wait to check it out!

OpenSky is a social networking shopping site that allows you to discover great new products, often at great prices. When you join OpenSky, you can choose up to 10 of the site’s celebrity and blogger “curators” to follow, including chef Bobby Flay, actresses Molly Sims and Alicia Silverstone, and fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, to name a few. The curators choose their favorite products to share with their followers, who have the option to purchase the items at up to 60% off! Every week, you’ll get emails from the curators you follow alerting you of their newest must-have product for sale on their OpenSky page, and you can also browse the site to see what other curators are offering, although you’ll have to follow a particular curator in order to see their featured sales.

Another great feature of OpenSky is the fact the products in your curator’s collections aren’t just available for a few days or hours, like they might be on other sales sites. So if you’re debating on whether to purchase something, you have time to think about it without having to worry that the deal will disappear tomorrow. Also, since you choose who you want to follow, your OpenSky emails will feature products that are actually relevant to you, and you won’t be flooded with tons of random products on a daily basis.

What I really love about OpenSky is reading what the curators have to say about each product they feature and why they love it. It really takes away the guesswork that sometimes goes along with online shopping, since you’re getting personal insight on what makes the product great.

Right now there tons of great products available for purchase on OpenSky, but a few that I’m really loving are a traditional Mexican molcajete (mortar and pestle) featured by Bobby Flay, some pretty bracelets from supermodel Veronica Webb, and some recycled metal earrings recommended by EcoStiletto.com. And there are new food, style, health, and design products being added on a daily basis, so I’m sure I’m going to find something else I want tomorrow (and every other day after that)!

[Disclaimer: OpenSky generously provided Caitlin with shopping credits to check the site out]

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