Hot or Hot Mess: Mischa Barton at the Shanghai Film Festival

[Like it or not, we all judge people every day. Especially when it comes to their fashion choices. From the girl with the too-short skirt for class to the old guy who insists on wearing short shorts and doing butterfly stretches at the gym (yeah, try to get that visual out of your head), it’s impossible not to form an opinion. And now we’re gonna share those opinions with the world. Every week, I’ll be highlighting a celebrity look that I may love/hate/not understand and see what you, my college fashionistas, think about it. So put on your Joan Rivers fashion cap (which is undoubtedly made out of all the skin she’s had nipped and tucked over the years) and let it all out.]
Oh Coop…I mean Mischa. Where did it all go wrong? A few years ago you were Marissa Cooper, darling f-up of The OC. We also loved your wavy locks and the way you started every sentence with “So…” We loved your on/off romance with Ryan and that brief lesbian fling you had with the girl from House. But then you got knocked off and it was all downhill from there really, wasn’t it? Then it was drugs and weight gain and drama for a few years. The OC became that-thing-we-watched-before-Gossip-Girl-started and Blake Lively replaced you as the hottest screw up on the silver screen.
But then you came back. You designed some (actually really nice) handbags and things were looking good. And then this happened.
Okay, as usual, I’ll start with the (one) positive- LOVE THE SHOES. Okay, I also love the colour- you can’t you wrong in black. But then there’s the negatives- it’s sheer over the boobs, it has some crazy pouffing in the skirt going on, and the neck piece looks like you massacred Big Bird’s evil twin.
I really, really want you to get back on top form, Coop. But I can’t get past this one. What do you guys think? Epic train wreck, or cutting edge fashion?

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