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The New Brooks Brothers Collegiate Collection and Some Other Options for School Spirit Gear


When I think “college school spirit gear,” I think of baggy sweatpants with the school’s name written in giant letters along the leg, over-sized sweatshirts that most people seem to disappear into, those cheap little drawstring backpacks that you can’t really fit much into, and everyone’s favorite: the stiff, heavy t-shirt covered in the names of the local restaurants that paid for those shirts to be made in the first place. Little did I know, there are actually tons of other options for collegiate gear outside of your school’s bookstore.

The latest company to launch a little something extra for the students? The preppy, clean-cut sportswear giant, Brooks Brothers. Their new line of sweaters, dress shirts, and ties (all bearing a school logo) are only available for men so far, but I think it’s only a matter of time before we see women’s wear from the country club favorite. And while the collection only features a handful of schools (15 including Harvard, Boston College, Ohio State, and more), there are lots of other schools (including Yale) in talks with Brooks Brothers to be added to the collection.

I’ll admit, the stuff looks well-made and classy, but it’s a little too fratty for my tastes. I feel like the only guys who would wear this line would be legacy football players who only got into the school because their parents donated a large sum of money. Lucky for me, there are tons of other collegiate collections out there to choose from!

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