10 Fun Facts About Your Vagina

I still remember the first time I learned the word vagina. I also still remember the first time my classmate, Matt, learned the word vagina, because he sat next to me in first grade and said this word out loud every ten seconds as he giggled away. I wish I could say the standard giggle/vagina combination went away with age, but the truth is I just got a Brazilian wax and still found myself slightly giggling. And I’m twenty-three. And first grade was a million moons ago. You can take the girl out of first grade (and high school, and college) but you can’t take the first grade out of the girl.
We ladies use our vaginas everyday. We were born with them. Our vaginas are our power house. They are the difference between the X and the Y chromosome. We orgasm, bleed and push babies out of these things. Yet somehow all of the different parts’ names went right out of my head after I took my health test in fifth grade (yet I can still remember all the lyrics to Brandy’s and Monica’s The Boy is Mine… priorities?).
So click on the gallery to see ten facts that you probably didn’t know about your vajayjay that all women should know:

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