10 Things An Incoming Freshman Should Do Right Now

It’s the summer after you’ve graduated high school. You’ve finished your exams. You’ve finished the college application process. You have your diploma, you’ve taken the pictures in the cap and gown and you finally decided on a college. So now all you want to do is kick back and relax and enjoy an entire summer free of responsibility and full of hanging with your friends before you each go your separate ways to start some new adventures.
Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. I was there four short years ago. And because I’ve been there already I know what comes next. So I thought I’d give you a little advice. Because all those papers that came along with your acceptance letter, they weren’t there just to stuff the envelope. Starting college involves a lot more than checking off the box next to “I will attend.” So here are a few things to keep in mind.
1. Send in a picture for your id. Chances are you already have a form telling you how to do this. So send in the picture. And make it a good one. One you like. One you won’t regret four months later, or better yet, four years later, when you’re a senior using an id that looks nothing like you because you no longer have pink hair.
2. Activate your college e-mail address. Again you were probably sent a whole bunch of papers when you sent in your acceptance . One of them probably tells you how to activate your e-mail. Do that. So you’ll get all those e-mails different offices will no doubt be sending you. And so you can join your school’s Facebook network.
3. Get in touch with your roommate. So it’s not an awkward first meeting on move in day. So you know what you’re getting into. And so you don’t end up with two refrigerators and no microwave. Plan ladies, and plan well.
4. Check the parking policies. Find out if your campus allows freshman to bring cars on campus. And if they do, find out if you have to pay for your parking pass. And then sign up for a parking pass. If you have a car, that is.
5. Check and double check that move in date. Season four. Episode one of Gilmore Girls. Rory wrote the wrong date down. Chaos ensued.
6. Get your schedule. Some colleges will pick your first semester freshman year schedule for you. In other schools it’s all on you. So find out the situation, again the info is probably in that stack of papers, and fill out whatever paperwork you need to. You don’t want to be stuck in obscure Russian poetry when you’re a freshman chem major.

7. Look over the courses that are offered. Explore all your options. Find out what interests you. It never hurts to think ahead. You’ll have to pick a major sooner than you realize.
8. Buy some new clothes. Because you’re starting a new chapter in your life and I’m sure you have all sorts of ideas about reinventing yourself. Keep in mind? You’ll need a good pair of jeans, flats, a weather appropriate coat, a tote that will hold everything and that ratty sweatshirt you just can’t get rid of.
9. Spend some time with your family. The summer will go by quicker than you realize. And you’ll miss them when they’re far away. I swear.
10. Find the best campus hangouts. The other stuff may be important but this is essential. 
Candy Dish: Campus Scoop
Candy Dish: Campus Scoop
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