10 Elements of the Perfect College Quad

There isn’t anything much better than hanging out on the quad on a sunny day. It’s probably a good thing all of the following didn’t come together at once, otherwise I’d be pushing super senior status right now.
1.   Sexy Athletes Throwing a Ball Around: Preferably definitely shirtless. Life is better with a whole lot of sweaty man candy.
2.   Skanky Girls Practically Tanning Naked: With this as a comparison, I can feel way better rocking a bikini for all the world to see.
3.   BBQing frat: They want girls to come eat with them so they look good for rush. We’re always happy to oblige. As an added plus, slip ‘n slides are usually involved.
4.   Musicians: Sunshine, acoustic guitars and a little American Pie? I don’t think it can get better.
5.   Kids Smoking in the Corner: Because someone has to stick it to the man for the rest of us.
6.   Games of Quad Pong: Chucking bouncy balls into trashcans and shot gunning beers when the opposing team hits a shot? Sounds like college to me.
7.   Walk of Shamers: What were you thinking shacking in the frat house when the freshman dorm is on the other side of campus? At least it offers come entertainment for the rest of us.
8.   Non-conformists: Exaggerated makeup, hipster garb, perhaps participating in a poetry reading. They really spice up the scene a bit.
9.   Argumentative Study Groups: Philosophy majors can duke it out in dramatic fashion and get everyone all riled up. And most crucially they remind me that I really do have to get up and study…eventually.
10. Aspiring DJs: They probably won’t ever make it big, but they spin sweet beats for everyone to enjoy. 90’s jams and spontaneous sing alongs are always guaranteed.

Candy Dish: The Princess Bride
Candy Dish: The Princess Bride
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