This Blog Will Change Your Life: Week 4

[There comes a time in every girl’s life, (usually after a third or fourth martini), when she realizes “Damn, I need to do something… travel to Europe, take up Chinese, get married…someeeething! I need to change my life.” Finding myself in one such rut and without the cash-flow for a capricious jet-set to France, I decided to live by the book, take the plunge, and tackle the Benrik challenge. If you have never heard of Benrik’s This Book Will Change Your Life, crawl out from under the rock you have been living under, wipe the tired crust from your eyes, and listen up.]
Week 4 – Task 1
Day 29- Dial a Phone Number at Random and Read this Script with a Deep South accent
The Script (or at least the part I got to read before people hung up):
You know, without Christ, without Jesus, we have no hope. Why? Well, because we know that the standard of God’s righteousness is Law, a law of the Ten Commandments, a law of Moses on Sinai, saying that this righteousness, O Israel. But you know, God also gave another law. A law revolving around a system of shedding a poor and innocent lambs blood…
The Reactions:
1) I have a lot to do right now. I don’t have time for God or Jesus!
2) Is this a recorder? Is this the voice of God? Who are you?
3) Click*
4) Click*
5) Click*
6) Click*
Week 4- Task 2
Day 161- Leave a Poem in a Public Place to Brighten up Someone’s Day
As a writer, I have always beaten myself up about perhaps not being able to make it in such a difficult field. Who am I? Who would want to read my work? However, all of this changed the day that I was asked to analyzed the poem known as an “American Masterpiece” by William Carlos Williams. This poem gave me hope that absolutely anyone could become a writer. Hell, if this counts as poetry, my grocery list does too! And so, to inspire this sense of creativity in others, I decided to share The Red Wheelbarrow in a public space.
So much depends
A red wheel
Glazed with rain
Besides the white
I hope the poem gave confidence to some other aspiring artist as well. If William Carlos Williams can make it, anyone can!
Week 4- Task 3
Day 33- Be on the Lookout for the Paranormal
There’s an App for that! Seriously! There is an application for iPhones, Blackberrys, and Droids called Ghost Radar Classic. This app supposedly mimics traditional paranormal detectors in that it uses sensors to measure electromagnetic fields, vibrations and sounds. After detecting something “paranormal,” Ghost Radar displays colored circles on a radar screen to alert its user of abnormal activity.
Whether or not you believe in the paranormal (or a phone’s ability to detect it), know that I went into this challenge with the utmost seriousness. My boyfriend lives in an old mansion on the outskirts of town. Given the fact that the place always gave me the heebee-jeebees, I figured this would be the perfect location for the experiment. I was right. I walked around the entire house for twenty minutes with little to no activity on the radar. I was just about to give up and delete the application when I walked down the upstairs hallway. Suddenly colored circles popped up all over my screen and my phone began to make noises. It really freaked me out! I threw the phone down, ran downstairs and made my boyfriend go get it in the morning.
Needless to say, we stayed at my apartment that night.
Week 4- Task 4
Day 251- Read Your Own Palm
Information found here.

Take the Palm Reading Quiz & let us know how your future looks!
Basic Hand Type – You have good taste and you enjoy excessive indulgences. You like expensive clothes and an elegant lifestyle, but there are times when you seriously risk spending more than you earn. You have good instincts and are self-confident. You are never at a lack for affection and companionship. Try to correct minor health problems as soon as possible.
Life Line (The Quality of your Life) – You are a healthy person with a bright personality. You will have a long and wonderfully smooth lifespan, but you will put great effort into your work.
Head Line (How You Think About Life)– You’re thinking is clear and focused. You have a sense for creativity.
Head Line-Life Line Connection – Sometimes you are sensible and cautious, while other times you are foolhardy. Try to control your impulses and your changeable attitude.
Heart Line (Emotions and Situations related to Love)- You’ll never give up on your search for the perfect partner. You are a very sincere person, so its important that you find a sincere and faithful partner. You are a passionate lover. You are capable of much affection, but you switch partners often. You will have a happy marriage.
Destiny Line (Purpose in Life)- You have a special talent in an unusual field. This type of line occurs mostly among artists and scholars.
Week 4- Task 5
Day 148:  Leave a Note on Someone’s Car Windshield
 Note 1 : “I left someone in your trunk. I’ll pick him up next week if that’s okay”
Note 2: “I am the engineer who made this vehicle. The brakes aren’t very good cos I was hungover that day. Watch out.”
Note 3: “We’ve discovered your car is the one responsible for all the damage to the ozone layer; please bike to work in the future.”
Note 4: “I’m a traffic warden but today I feel lenient. Don’t do it again though.”

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