Versatile Style: Lanston Striped Racerback

Working in an office all summer is painful at times. I look out my only window and see the bright sun shining on the green, green grass – children frolicking, birds chirping, the whole thing! Equally painful is deciding on what to wear in a business-casual office environment. Not only are most appropriate outfits made from uncomfortable wool or polyester, pieces for the office usually collect dust once I’m back to school and more casual daily uniform. Because I write a column all about versatile pieces of clothing, I set out to find a top that was work appropriate, but could also be fun and casual. So this week, I’ve replaced my day/night comparison with business/casual for a bit of variety and personal gain.

The Striped Racerback from Lanston is such a great summer tank! Super lightweight and luxurious-feeling, this tank actually lets your skin breathe without being sheer. The mismatch of horizontal and vertical stripes is unique and visually-appealing, and sure to be a welcome addition to your closet.

I’m going to start out with the casual look:

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I decided to leave the tank as my neutral and throw on a bright pair of denim shorts. Of course, you can wear plan old blue jeans, but the red is unexpected and fun. The white cocoon sweater ensures that the outfit doesn’t become too “body-hugging” and will keep you cozy when the wind picks up. Converse Chuck Taylor low-tops are my sneaker of choice and give you a bit of hipster cred. Basic black will also prove to be useful, but I own them in a rainbow of colors! A denim bag is a fun option for summer, while the bright scarf and simple charm bracelet add some volume.

And now for business:

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I had a lot of fun coming up with this business outfit and imagine that you could probably work any tank top into your outfit with a bit of creativity! A pair of skinny dress pants keeps the look young and modern, but tuck in the tank for added polish. A khaki blazer is suited to the hot summer weather and a pair of interesting pumps are office-friendly but still chic. The faux-croc satchel is structured and proper but could still work outside of the work environment. Simple jewelery and a gorgeous, yet functional statement watch finish it off!

This tank is a great option for those of you who want to get some extra wear out of your work pieces. See it here at Revolve.

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