The Celeb Secret That No One Wants To Talk About

Ever stop and wonder who these people are that camp out in front of the celebrities’ homes, waiting for them them to emerge, on the slight chance that they could snap a pic that couldĀ  possibly be worth thousands of dollars? Ever ponder if those people actually know when the celebs are coming out of their homes? Uh huh, I do too. Don’t you think it’s weird that the paparazzi always know when Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez are going to kiss, or where Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are going to be shopping today, or what time Shia LaBeouf is going to take out his trash tonight?
Apparently, celebrities and photographers have come together to create the biggest scheme yet: staging photo opps.
Speidi (formerly know as Spencer & Heidi Pratt) are known for staging many of the photos that used surface of the pair (knock-on-wood that they never start surfacing again). And it’s not just skeezeballs who are doing this. In the latest issue of Vanity Fair, Emma Stone reveals that she was approached to set up her own personal paparazzi agreement. While we’re not shocked that this Hollywood rumor turned out to be true, we are a little surprised about how it actually works, and how many celebs are actually doing it.
Learning about Hollywood swindles like these really makes me suspicious of all the photos that are released of celebs doing normal everyday things. Annnddd speaking of suspicious photo opps…in what month does preschool begin again!? Kinda weird that this celeb kid’s first day of school is in the middle of July
Let us know what you think. Are they staged?

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