5 Things My Friends Do That Piss Me Off

No matter how amazing your besties are, there are bound to be a few things they do that irk you a bit. Whether its always texting or being freakishly late to everything, even best friends roll through life a little bit differently. I think we are all entitled to some pet peeves, don’t you? It’s nothing that a little talking followed by The Bachelorette and cookies can’t fix.
1. Getting Upset When I Don’t Read Every Line of Every Article and Watch Every Single Youtube Video They Send: And they send a whole lot. I have a life people… Gotta make time to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And I know you find little animals hilarious, but I don’t need to watch anymore lemur videos.
2. Forgetting to Return Borrowed Clothing: It’s a wild goose chase at the end of every semester and I now fully understand that cliché. I really like it when you borrow things (it justifies an expensive purchase or two) but just return them ok? Preferably without evidence of your blackout.
3. Fighting with Significant Others Over Facebook: The whole world doesn’t need to see my bffls’ drama from Saturday night. Ultimately, I am going to hear about it in a few seconds anyway, so my news feed should remain unscathed. It’ll save room for more important things, like stalking the cute guy from my dorm freshman year.
4. Not refilling the Brita: My home is your home. But it comes with one rule, if you drink some of my delicious water you better refill that water filter. There’s nothing worse then being parched and finding an empty Brita in the middle of the night. Yeah, I wouldn’t wish that on you either.
5. Cock Blocking: You finally meet a hottie among the creeps at the bar at the exact moment your friends want to call it quits for the night, even though it’s a good 45 minutes before final call. Please, suck it up for your single friend! I promise, it won’t kill you to stay another few songs.

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Candy Dish: Beware of Dinner Parties
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