Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Leighton Meester is Pretty in Peach

I’ve gushed about Leighton Meester  before, but what can I say, I have my faves (I even paid to see Monte Carlo the weekend it came out…and legitimately enjoyed every cheesetastic second of it).  I fell totally head over heels for the outfit Leighton recently wore on the set of Gossip Girl. It is ridiculously frilly, bold and boasts not a single layer in sight. I don’t know about you, but when it’s 94847383 degrees outside, that’s exactly what I want from my summer couture.

Embellished Tank Top / Floral Skirt / Bag / Heels

Of course yellow is a staple summer color. It’s just as vibrant as white, but doesn’t seem to attract as much dirt (seriously, my life turns into a comedic tragedy of klutzy errors almost every time I wear it). The ruffles on this tank top are very much on trend and are an instant burst of shameless femininity. The floral skirt adds a classic pattern into the mix, and the yellow in the skirt complements the yellow tank top.
As for accessories, Leighton’s outfit incorporates peach, which is so perfect for the season. It’s neutral, but still punchy, and the good thing is, you don’t have to worry about perfectly matching the shades. A dark peach purse looks totally acceptable with lighter peachy orange heels. This is a refreshing outfit that has very versatile separates that you could wear to work or the bar or to brunch. Functionality is always hot.

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