Friday Faves: What Would You Change for a Guy?

The beginning stages of a new relationship are always the best. Thinking about the other person gives you butterflies, every date is an exciting new adventure, and you aren’t close enough for him to start discussing his farting habits with you.
But it is also a little scary. You want to show that special man who you are, but not enough to scare him off before you have the chance to steal his super-comfy sweatpants. And you find yourself constantly wondering if he thinks about you as much as you think about him, why he hasn’t called yet and if he minded that you screamed really loudly while watching Saw 3 the night before.
When I was younger, the scariest part of a new relationship – especially with someone I really liked – was walking the line between being myself and doing/saying things that I thought he wanted to hear. I know it sounds pathetic, but you know you’ve been there too; telling him you love Bob Seger only to freak when he asks your favorite song. Or pretending to be obsessed with The Sopranos and then wondering what station that show is even on.
Now that I am approaching adulthood (graduation is coming at me quickly!) I have finally come to terms with who I am on my own and in a relationship. I now realize that there are plenty of really good guys out there for me so I don’t have to settle for that douche bag who pops his collar and wears a giant gold chain.
But, I can’t be too stubborn. There are a few things I will tweak for a boy:
1. Hair Maintenance: Singledom means a break from leg/bikini cleanups. But even I know that it is only fair to do a little tidying if I expect anyone to approach.
2. Music Preference: Not that I will ditch my own amazing music collection (ranging from the tunes of Sister Act to the infamous Beastie Boys), but being in a new relationship is all about experiencing new things. Plus, it makes the option of a cuddly concert date much more probable.
3. Sport Viewing: I’ll be honest, while I enjoy watching all college sports, if I had the option to get a mani/pedi, I would ditch the TV in a nano-second. But, when there is a man in my life who loves sports, I am totally fine giving up some girl time to spend the day with him and some beers.
4. Underwear: No more torn/worn/granny panties for me. Enter the lace, flowers and super sexy sheer panties.
Things that I will absolutely not change for any man. Ever:
1. The Way I Look: You don’t like my hair; find a blonde. Not a fan of my thighs? Well, they don’t like you either. Any man who wants to be with me should love every inch. No matter how many there are. And if he doesn’t, he should shut up and learn to appreciate it.
2. My Obsession with Bravo: I know that “Bethenny Getting Married?” isn’t any sort of quality programming, but I love it. And yes, I even DVR it.
3. My Friends: I have the greatest friends in the world and I would not get rid of them for anything. I believe strongly that you can judge me by the friends I keep, so if some guy doesn’t like them, then he really isn’t going to like me.
4. My Sorority Sweatpants: I know they are torn and say the name of my sorority across the butt, but I love them… and will always, no matter how old I get.
5. My Hatred for Under-Nail Dirt: That is just nasty. Clean that sh*t up if you want to get near me.
What sorts of things are you willing (or totally unwilling) to compromise?
[This story was originally posted by Noa – CU Boulder.]

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