The 5 People You Meet at Your Internship

As an intern, you will meet a lot of new people. Depending on where you’re interning and what field the business is in, the type of people you meet will vary; however there are five people you will meet no matter where you intern:
1. The Mom. The first person you’ll meet is the “mom.” From day one, she’ll take you under her wing, show you the ropes and be your biggest fan. She’ll cheer you on throughout your internship and offer her condolences if you screw up and, just like your real mom, she’ll be there to tell you everything will be okay.
2. The Spy. The second person you will meet is the “spy.” The spy is someone who sits close in proximity to you, close enough that they can watch your every move. They will listen in on your phone calls, monitor what is on your computer screen and report every mistake to your supervisor.
3. The Mentor. The third person you will come across is the mentor. This person is far different from the “mom” in the fact that they won’t try to sugarcoat things; they will tell you how it is. They’re going to give it to you straight up, and they won’t be serving it on a silver platter. This person wants you to succeed and knows what it’s like to be in your shoes, and they’ve got plenty of criticism to throw your way—and while it may sometimes sound wrong, it’s for all the right reasons.
4. The Know-It-All-Intern. The fourth person you will meet at your internship is the know-it-all-intern. No matter how hard you try to avoid her, she’ll end up in your path—and step on your toes in the process. Her ideas are always better than yours; she always beats you to the punches; and your supervisor always idolizes her more than you.
5. The Cute Delivery Boy. The last person you will meet is the cute delivery boy. You’ll get to know him well, since you get to handle packages as an intern. Offering a friendly, “Hey, how’s it goin’,’” he will quickly become the one person who keeps you sane.

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