Body Blog: The Mid-Summer Slump

If you’re at all like me, when it’s 90 degrees outside and I have the choice to go for a run or lay by the pool, I choose the latter. Or if it’s scorching hot, I choose to sit on my couch blasting the AC, sipping on iced tea…and since we can be honest amongst friends here, these days a workout is the furthest thing from my mind.
It’s usually around mid-summer that I lose that amped-up, I’m-going-to-look-bootylicious-in-a-bikini-damn-it! attitude and my motivation starts to dwindle. After all, stores are already selling boots and sweaters- it won’t be long until I can bury myself in an over-sized sweater right?!
So since this week I hit a bit of a workout slump (anyone else?) I decided to dedicate this Monday’s body blog to four things that will help to revitalize and re-motivate us all to hit the gym and keep working towards that beach bo-dizzle!
1. Add new songs to your workout playlist. This week I added fifteen brand-spankin-new songs to my usual workout playlist. After all, as fabu as it is, there is only so many times one person can listen to Glee‘s “Thriller/Heads Will Roll” mash-up while running and still feel pumped. I added some new top 40s (J.Lo’s new song, I’m Into You, Run the World (Girls) by lady Beyonce, I Wanna Go by Brit Brit, Love in America by JTX and Jason Derulo’s new hit Don’t Wanna Go Home) but, inspired by the 90s sample of Show Me Love in Jason Derulo’s new jam, I also added some 90s JAMZ (you know we love the 90s here at CollegeCandy!). Let me tell you, hearing 100% Pure Love by Crystal Waters and This is Your Night by Amber- really put a spring in my step (while also reminding me of those gloriously awkward middle school years) I highly suggest some 90s tunes!
2. Treat yourself to some new workout gear. I treated myself to a new pair of Lululemon cropped workout pants that I’m so excited to wear, I’m almost looking forward to setting my alarm for my 6:30am workout tomorrow morning (keyword in this scenario is almost, but I know once I’m up and IN these adorbs pants, I will be ready to sweat it out in style). Sometimes it’s the little things that make you excited for a sweat sesh. I also bought myself some bright neon workout socks I’m so obsessed with…I’m pretty sure they are the convincing factor when I’m deciding if I should go for a run!

3. Try a brand new workout
! From Bikram yoga to cardio strip- think of the class you’ve always wanted to try, but always talked yourself out of…only this time, actually try it! A new workout is not only great for your mind and for your motivation but keeps your body guessing and keeps the results coming. An all around win!
4. Get a hobby. And no, by “hobby” I don’t mean watching the Real Housewives or even joining book club (although that’s a fun hobby too). But aim to find an active hobby like playing tennis, hiking, golf, swimming laps, croquet, beach volleyball- something that gets you outdoors, out of your comfort zone and mooooving. Now is the best time to try new activities in place of your typical treadmill run, and an active hobby will seem like more fun and less like “omg my glutes!”…the workout will be a total perk!
What are your tips and tricks for staying motivated all summer long? Share them below!

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